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of good vibes


Ambassador of Good Vibes

As an Ambassador of Good Vibes (that title gives you the warm + fuzzies, right?), you are joining forces with Philomena + Ruth to share the love + social consciousness that make our world go-round. In order to do that, we will collaborate with you in both big + small ways so that both our Ambassadors and P+R benefit from our friendship.


Free and discounted Philomena + Ruth merchandise, participation in a P+ R photoshoot with digital copies of your images, invites to special events, and more.

are you a good fit?

We are looking for Ambassadors of all colors, shapes, gender, size, and age within the US (currently). Specifically we are looking for people that exhibit part of our brand identity- positive vibes, social consciousness and adventure. It doesn’t hurt if you have excellent photos on your social accounts. If this sounds like you + you like what we do, fill out the application below.

Name *

*Applications are reviewed on a seasonal + as-needed basis and are selected after extensive review. Please note that we will keep your application on file even if you are not chosen for this season’s Ambassador program.